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"Dear Kim, I am pleased to inform you that our organization is endorsing you in your race for County Commissioner in Lake County.

The Ohio Citizens PAC is dedicated to electing conservative, liberty minded  “Citizen Representatives” to public and party offices.  As you know, we believe in smaller government, lower taxes, less regulation by government at all levels, and the advancement of individual liberty and prosperity. We have seen your efforts to protect and defend individual Freedom and Liberty over the past six years, and we have no doubt you will work to bring prosperity to the residents of Lake County when they choose you as a County Commissioner.  Citizens can learn more at"

"Based upon overwhelming support in multiple polls and obvious general support of its members, the Lake County Liberty Coalition announces its endorsement of Kimberly Laurie for Lake County Commissioner. 

Ms. Laurie has demonstrated that she holds to the principles and values that are consistent with those of our organization as well as those of our founding fathers.  Those are the principles and values that will guide her in performing the duties of Lake County Commissioner in a manner that is in the best interests of the citizens of Lake County."
I warned of this in the News-Herald interview during the campaign last year (posted here on 9/26/2014):  It's well-known that our County Seat has been listed as a Sanctuary City since 2007, but because of Lake County Commissioners' 2005 passage of a resolution to accept the Matricula Consular card as a valid form of identification, our ENTIRE COUNTY was just officially added to the list of Sanctuary Cities

In 2005, before the resolution was adopted, the Lake County Sheriff's Department submitted its official opinion regarding the dangers of accepting the Matricula Consular card.  Their statement can be viewed here.

udy Moran has had over 2 1/2 years to do something about this.  What has she done?  Absolutely nothing!

If you agree we need an overhaul of Lake County mis-leadership, donate to my campaign today so we can share this message to all in Lake County!



    Kimberly Laurie
    Lake County Commissioner Candidate

    For too long, establishment politicians in Lake County have unanimously passed resolution after resolution based on expedience, at weekly Commissioner meetings that are intentionally scheduled at times too inconvenient for most citizens to attend.  How can a responsible citizen influence the decisions of their representatives if they do not have access to the process?  This is not government for the people, overseen by the people.  This is the result of three establishment politicians, all from the same political party with no checks and balances, who make one-sided decisions that will negatively impact Lake County residents' property rights and local sovereignty.

    The Commissioners seem to have forgotten the identity of their employers; that they do not work for their campaign contributors and political parties, nor are they responsible to the unconstitutional regional organizations that relentlessly work to widdle away our freedom to choose where we live, what size house we live in, and on what size piece of property.  It's time to remind our representatives that WE hired them, and for one of them, the 4-year employee review is on the horizon.  Since they have chosen not to work in the best interest of Lake County citizens, it's time to replace them with someone who will.

    - Kim Laurie


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