I'm going to be honest here about Independence Day because we need to have an honest conversation in this country.

Independence Day is still my favorite holiday - if you go back and look at my post you'll see it - though admittedly it's beginning to wane. Independence Day is a celebration of America winning her independence from a tyrranical government.  In the last three generations we've managed to exchange that freedom hundreds of thousands of Americans have died for, for another tyrranical government.  I can't celebrate that, and so, because I love what Independence Day represents, for me today it feels more like a funeral than a day of celebration.  So instead of watching fireworks I'm going to do the only thing I can think of that's productive for the future of freedom in America.  I'm going to stay home and literally pray for a miracle.

There's a big election coming up in 2016.  Not only will we have the opportunity to elect Congressmen, Senators, State Representatives, and County Commissioners (2 out of the 3 in Lake!), but we will once again elect a President - a President who is expected to appoint up to FOUR Supreme Court Justices during his term!

The most important election of 2016 will be the Primary in March.  That is our opportunity to nominate someone for each of these positions who will actually represent us, rather than be faced with the all too familiar "lesser of two evils" candidates.  Electing people who run because they actually want to restore freedom as opposed to make a name for themselves, give deals to their buddies, gain personal power, and/or play "the Game", is the ONLY hope we have and even THAT will require a miracle from God because the others are well funded by those who plan to gain from their exploits.

We need patriotic CITIZEN candidates, not those who are recruited because they'll play "the Game".  Patriotic citizen candidates will stick their necks out, first to DEFEND freedom and then to RESTORE freedom.  This is the reason I ran for Commissioner in 2014, and this is the reason I will run again in 2016. 

"The Game" is how we got here, and it needs to stop now.  We can do that.  Pray, support citizen candidates such as myself both with your time and your dollars (God knows we won't get them anywhere else) , and vote in the March 2016 Primary election.

So with that said, tonight, with the sound of fireworks in the distance, I'm going to stay home and pray for miracles because that's all I can do today.  I'm going to continue to pray for miracles every day until freedom is restored or until it is officially no more in America. 

Next year my name will be on the ballot for Lake County Commissioner and I will ask for your vote.  Will you help get my campaign off the ground today by making a donation online through my website, or by mailing a check (instructions also on my website)?  Whatever you can do, whatever our freedom is worth to you and to your family, I sincerely appreciate your support.

Let us today, Independence Day 2015, just as our forefathers did in 1776, pledge to each other our lives, our fortunes, and our sacred honor.



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