Recorded by The News-Herald
Enjoy this brief compilation of follies that my opponent, in our News-Herald interview, described as "a record of doing things [Kim] can attack"
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Here is the full News Herald candidate interview with myself and my opponent.  Please share with your friends and family!
CITIZENS OF LAKE COUNTY:  It's time to dethrone the King!  Absentee voting begins next week, election day is November 4th.  Regardless of when you are planning to vote, remember to vote for Kim Laurie for Lake County Commissioner and tell your friends!
It appears my opponent has decided to try fighting for the people for once, this is an election year after all. Unfortunately for us that somehow equates to begin spending $100,000 per year to open the front entrance to the courthouse because it's such a pretty building... as opposed to possibly adding a deputy to the Sheriff's Department since they are already short staffed. Nice try. Good to see the other Commissioners take a stand on this. To put into perspective how rare it is for them to disagree with each other, it actually made the front page of today's News Herald:


It's Official!


I just received my Certificate of Nomination today!  Please spread the word to your friends and family in Lake County that they do not have to continue to accept the status quo career politician - we now have the ability to choose a true citizens' representative in November.  If not now, when?  On a related note, I also received word that the Independent candidate for Commissioner did not receive enough valid signatures to run so the race is back down to two.  May the best woman win.